One (Nearly) Perfect Day in Paris

I believe there is magic in Paris. What else would explain how quickly I fell in love with this city? Of course being there on a warm, sunny, spring day didn’t create much of a counter argument. After staying awake on a red eye from Newark to Paris, I immediately fell asleep in the cab riding from the airport to my hotel and missed the spectacular, welcoming view this city offers its visitors. It was my first time to this city, and I only had the day there, so I made up for it that afternoon.

After getting myself set up in my room, I walked the block over from my hotel to the Eiffel Tower. It truly is a sight to see, and though it is an iconic staple on t-shirts and jewelry, the beauty of the tower in person cannot be reproduced. There’s a dark, ominous feel that undermines its structural beauty and gives it both a romantic yet Gothic feel . An intriguing combination of elements that no doubt lends to its fame and still sparks fascination.

The next stop of my tour de Paris was, unsurprising to those who know me, a french patisserie to pick up some coffee and a croissant for my walk to the Louvre. Paris is a pedestrian-friendly city, so the 3.8 km walk along the river from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre was an efficient way to enjoy the weather and see the city sites. Walking or biking are my favorites ways to get around on layovers.

The rest of my afternoon was spent sightseeing around the city and working up an appetite for french food, which truthfully, took hardly any effort. A crew member of mine, versed in french and french cuisine, brought me to a traditional french restaurant (I can’t remember the name!). I ordered a steak cooked medium, which is France is pretty much rare (so be mindful of that), and I’m actually a bit embarrassed to say that it came with french fries. But they were delicious because they were french, so I’m not complaining. Dessert, the best and most exciting part of a meal in my book, was creme brulee, which was brought out and flambeed right in front of me! Well… it was supposed to be. My amazing sense of timing sent me to the toilets about a minute before the chef came out and performed a spectacular flame display that the entire restaurant was raving about when I came back from the restroom. Despite having missed the show, the creme brulee was hands down the best ever. I’m thinking I could probably live on it.

So my first and, so far, only day in Paris was nearly perfect…and that’s perfect enough for me!










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