Life on Tonle Sap Lake: Photo Story by Jason Pleasants

The people of Cambodia have been through a lot over the years with outside wars spilling over into their country and the genocide orchestrated by the Khmer Rouge during the late 1970’s. They are a resilient and determined people who know how to survive. The people that live along the Tonle Sap River and on the lake that bears the same name prove this day in and day out, providing for their families and working together as a community that harvest fish for personal use and to sell at the local markets. Here is a short story of their daily life in photographs.

1) fisherman on river in front of houses

2) ladders to homes

3) fisherman sitting in boat

4) covered boat

5) stilted homes

6) fisherman with net standing in boat

7) floating home with boat

8) boy driving boat up river

9) floating home

10) fishing hut along river

11) stilted housees along river

12) unloading ice blocks

13) worker walking in field

14) woman smoking fish

15)  girl crossing bridge with bike

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